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The Foundation for Advertising Education of the Southwest 10th District – American Advertising Federation is a non-profit corporation organized under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act. As a 501(c)3, contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. No grants or loans shall be made to any Trustee of the Foundation or members of their families.

The Foundation for Advertising Education of the Southwest 10th District, American Advertising Federation, requests proposals from advertising educators and educational institutions in the Tenth District to fund programs to enhance the educational experiences of advertising faculty and students. Awards may be given to promote several types of activities, all of which ultimately enhance students’ educational experiences:   

• To support applied or scholarly research 
​• To attend seminars, conferences, and/or workshops
​• To provide materials that will enhance teaching advertising
​• To pursue other professional and/or educational opportunities that will advance the knowledge, theory, and practice of the advertising industry

• To establish advertising chairs 
​• To purchase books, software, and other resources to support advertising education
​• To establish student grants and loan funds
​• To establish programs such as career development initiatives to provide guidance to graduates

Grant recipients will be encouraged to become involved with an AAF professional or student chapter if available.

Project proposals will be evaluated holistically, considering the following criteria:
1. Quality of the project
2. Relevance to AAF initiatives

• Likelihood that the project will make a positive impact on advertising education (through teaching, research, or professional service)
​  - Teaching, research, or professional service that supports advertising instruction directly, or
​  - Teaching, research, or professional service that supports the faculty member’s standing for promotion and/or tenure
​• Likelihood that the applicant will complete the project or experience (evidence: record of achievements, letters of support, etc.)
​• Likelihood that a matching grant will be available for the project
• Level of undergraduate/graduate student involvement in the project or research

• Likelihood that the project will make a positive impact on advertising education (through faculty/student programs, resources, etc.)
​• Institutional support for the project (evidence: letters of commitment from program chairs)

All Proposals must contain:
1. Cover Sheet
2. Clear and complete statement of purpose, method, outcome; significance of the project or experience; whether or not the project supports instruction, and if so, in what way; and the level of undergraduate and/or graduate student involvement in the project or research
3. Itemized budget and calendar
4. Faculty curriculum vitae
5. Letter of support from supervisor
6. Letter of support from local AAF chapter board of directors

Grants up to $1,000 have been awarded.  Requests for grants over $1,000 will be considered based upon the overall impact of the project on achieving the goals of The Foundation and on available funds. Awards will be released to the applicant’s educational institution for distribution.

Note: Applicants must refrain from lobbying Foundation directors for consideration. Awards are contingent upon availability of funds.

Proposals should be e-mailed toJune Cerrato